Key Features…

Automatic house cleaning, vacuum cleaning, low noise, no need to use clean paper.
Compact size, easy to store at home.
Anti-collision drop, USB interface charging, cycle sustainability.
Making your living environment cleaner and healthier.
Low noise, no disturbing to your daily life.
Suitable for dealing with dust, hair, etc.

Manufacturer Specifications

Product category: Vacuum Cleaner
Remote control:No
The style of sweeper: intelligent robot
Mode of operation: mechanical
Timing function: no timing
Color: Black/white Capacity: 5M3
Switch type: ordinary button
Use time: 25 minutes
Power supply mode: USB
Whether there is virtualwalls: No
Applicable area: less than 70 square meters
The function of sweeping machine is sweeping and sucking.
Authorized brand: Yes
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 20W
Appearance modeling: sweeping robot
Cleaning route: random
Use environment: household
Charging time: 20 minutes
Rated voltage: 5V

Package Included:

1 x Vacuum Cleaner +1*USB Cable